No action, but cut.

DAY 16

Independent filmmaking is sometimes an exercise in problem solving.  Sometimes it is always an exercise in problem solving. Today was the latter for us, with one massive problem rearing its very rough head in the form of false advertising. We were meant to start the Interior sequences of Claude’s House. Our initial house was deemed to be too noisy (traffic), so a last minute look on the ‘net resulted in us booking a two storey place in the western suburbs of Brisbane. It seemed to tick all the boxes – it was quiet, had sufficient rooms, and fit the overall aesthetic that was needed. There’s always some trepidation about selecting a location that hasn’t been visited, but given the numerous pics on the website, and the more secluded location, we were sure this was a good fit.

Oakley, KM, and the remainder of us crew arrived at the residence in the early morning. They were initially pleased with what they saw, and commenced the unpacking of gear. The house’s owners introduced themselves, and Oakley explained what our needs were. They were aware of our intentions to film, so that wasn’t a shock for them. What was a shock, however, was that we were wanting to do some night shoots, as well as make use of both storeys. Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to anyone, this retired couple actually lived on the second floor of the house, rendering the space unavailable. This was in complete contravention to their ad, which seemed to allow the use of the entire house. After a brief query, the producers were told that we could only use the downstairs area of the house, and that filming was only permitted until dark.

… his laugh was quite long and maniacal.

A phone call to Aaron, who was organising some extra sound gear for the crew; I’m not sure what exactly happened, but Oakley said his laugh was quite long and maniacal. Needless to say it was decided to abandon this wrecked tender, and look for another.

Aaron suggested a place out at Deception Bay that made it onto his initial short list of locations. After a quick look at it on the website, the call was made for him to rush out and have a look/listen. In the meantime, the crew re-packed their gear and headed for a local café. Dejection wasn’t an option, and even if it was, we had all become impervious to its grasp over the duration of the shoot.

An hour and a half later Oakley’s phone buzzed, and after a brief conversation, it was clear that D’Bay was the order of the day. It was decided to book the house today, get a good sleep, and use tomorrow’s scheduled day off as today’s shoot.  

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