This is where you can find the most frequently asked questions about Hobson's Choice: Martin!

What is the film about?

A young suit is scouted by a film director, giving him his dream life until he realises he's being groomed for something far less desirable: his future.

Who is in the film?

The film debuts Tom Wilson who plays Martin the main protagonist, and Jamila Hall who plays Martin's partner, Kate.

The film also stars well known actors such as Steven Tandy from TV shows such as The Sullivans, and Sandro Colarelli who has graced almost every stage in Australia and who has starred in numerous Australian TV shows, including The Family Law.

Who made the film?

This is a film by Sweet Lemons Film Studio Pty Ltd in collaboration with FinRaising Studios. The film is co-produced by Oakley Kwon, Katie-May Hollett and Aaron Davison, who also directed it.