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We believe in great Australian content, and strive to make our productions worthy of the great Australian film-making tradition.

Aaron Davison Photo

Aaron Davison

Producer & Director

Aaron has been in the Director's seat since 2011, with his recent production: Talking Back at Thunder winning the Special Jury Prize at the Colorado Film Festival. Aaron himself is a talented actor, having starred in TV shows such as Sea Patrol and the recent feature film Celeste. Aaron is a graduate of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Acting strand.

Shaun Pettigrew photo

Shaun Pettigrew

Director of Photography

Katie-May Hollett Photo

Katie-May Hollett

Producer & 1st AD

Katie-May has been producing film and media content since 2016. She received her training in Fine Arts through the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and is always looking for the next project to test her abilities. She hopes to one day produce noteworthy works that contribute to the growth of Australia's Film & Television Industry.

Jaden Bowen

Jaden Bowen

Assistant Producer

Oakley Kwon Photo

Oakley Kwon


Oakley has been producing radio, film and digital content since 2009. She studied radio and film acting through the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), and holds two degrees in law from the Australian National University (ANU). She hopes to produce more and more creative content in the coming years.

Ally Philp

Ally Philp

Assistant Producer

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